SN Enterprise 4.5 (99 R1)

Ben Elliston
Sun Sep 3 15:41:00 GMT 2000

   I've found lots of bugs using SN Ent 4.5 (99 R1). Most important are
   those that occur when parsing a large C++ code base (see attached MS
   Word doc). Seems to be a problem with TCL Notifier, but I have no TCL
   files. This is a very serious problem for my company. Bottom line is
   that we can't use SN with our code base. Is this a known problem? Can
   you tell me when the next/latest bug fix version will be available?

S-N has parsed *very large* C++ projects in the past.  I suspect a small
number of C++ constructs in your project are causing the problem with the
C++ parser.  Can you determine where the problem lies by parsing fewer and
fewer files in S-N?  Then you should be able to post a small test case.

And please don't post binary attachments to the mailing list.

Cheers, Ben

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