SN Enterprise 4.5 (99 R1)

Sun Sep 3 14:13:00 GMT 2000

I've found lots 
of bugs using SN Ent 4.5 (99 R1). Most important are those that occur when 
parsing a large C++ code base (see attached MS Word doc). Seems to be a 
problem with TCL Notifier, but I have no TCL files. This is a very 
serious problem for my company. Bottom line is that we can't use SN with our 
code base. Is this a known problem? Can you tell me when the 
next/latest bug fix version will be available?
Also problems 
invoking external editor (Kedit). Snav always prefixes file path with 
"f:\SNav\". This is the top level of the directory tree where the project files 
are kept. Application files are in f:\Views\sdow_dev_2.3.2\...". See attached MS 
Word document.
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