Source Navigator 4.5.1 -> Configure problem -> Unpacking the tar file gives a checksum error

Syd Polk
Mon Aug 28 11:41:00 GMT 2000

At 12:03 PM 8/28/00 +1000, Ben Elliston wrote:
>    I had the same problem with the tar: directory checksum error. It
>    seams to be a Sun tar problem. I took a gnu version of tar, recompiled
>    it under SunOS and then untar SN451.tar with it and it works. The
>    checksum error desappear.
>The S-N distribution archives should not require GNU tar to unpack them.
>This is obviously a really confusing point for newcomers.  There are
>compatibility options for GNU tar, mentioned in the Automake documentation
>(and used by `make dist').

This means I now have to pack the binaries on my Solaris box and use 
/bin/tar instead of using the tar that ships with Red Hat 6.0? What a pain!

Syd Polk
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