Roadmap? (was Re: feature request : a new file in project...)

Bruce Stephens
Mon Aug 28 08:50:00 GMT 2000

William Gacquer <> writes:

> 	Our team members are using CVS and SN 4.51. There is an recurrent
> minor problem. Each time a new file is commited by one member, the others
> have to add it manually to the SN project. Would it be a hard hack to make
> SN recognize the presence of new files (or directories) in the project
> directories ?

That would be useful.  (I must admit, I thought it already did
this---however, I guess I've only noticed a dialog when files have
been deleted.)

More generally, is there a roadmap somewhere?  Obviously, RedHat
doesn't know what weird things the rest of us might want to do with
Source Navigator, but presumably there are plans for 5.0, and some
ideas of what might be nice for after then?

Obviously it would be nice to reduce the dependency on RedHat
modifications to Tcl, Tk, [incr Tcl,Tk,Widgets], Tix.  Indeed, it
would be good to remove at least one of them (the functionality of Tix
overlaps significantly with [incr Widgets] and [incr Tk]).  As far as
I understand it, that's planned for 5.0?

The version of db seems a bit old.  I wanted to see if XEmacs could
read the databases, but it couldn't---my copy's linked with db2.6.8 or
something.  I'd guess there are other tools which could do interesting
things with the databases, if they had a more current format.  

Even better, move to using MySQL.  Or some other SQL
database---perhaps even ODBC.  Requiring loads of infrastructure
probably isn't practical (so, much as I like it, requiring PostgreSQL
probably couldn't be justified technically), but replacing the Berkely
db with the newly GPLed MySQL (or MaxSQL, when it's done) would
probably fly.

What's the status of the Emacs stuff?  Is it effectively orphaned?  It
seems a bit sparse---sn-find-tag seems to find declarations rather
than definitions, for example (and I can't cycle through occurrences
like I can with real tags).  There just seems to be so much more
useful stuff that could be done pretty easily that I'm guessing that
if anyone was really using it, they'd have already added it.

I know VCG and GraphViz have been mentioned before.  Anybody looked at
graphtool (from ivtools)?  I'm not entirely sure how it might be
useful, but it seems like there ought to be some way.

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