Capturing Build Output on Win32

Thomas Heller
Mon Aug 28 00:50:00 GMT 2000

Stan wrote:
> Yes, dealing with Win32 console windows is sometimes daunting.
> I've had some luck at coming up with a solution for Win2k/WinNT.
> Instead of directly spawning a build tool, I launch an intermediate
> process, which I've tentatively named sncapture.exe. Using the example
> I gave earlier, the Build dialog would have this command line:
>      ../snav/bin/sncapture.exe c:/bin/premake.exe -?
> sncapture spawns premake.exe using the inherited handles for
> stdin/stderr/stdout
> and it explicitly hides the new console window. It then does a
> WaitForMultipleObjects on the process handle for premake.exe.
> Using this approach all stderr and stdout goes into the browser window.
> This is a general solution, it works equally well with other front-end
> programs.
IMHO it would be usefull to allow your sncapture program to setup/extend
an environment for the spawned process. This would allow to use
VC6 on one project, Borland in another and so on.
The enviroment could come from an ini-file, given as (optional)
What do you think?


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