Class of array in Java is not understood by SN 4.51?

Ben Elliston
Sun Aug 27 19:56:00 GMT 2000

tromey wrote:

   gcj also comes with a stripped down parser that we use in other
   situations (eg to list the classes defined in a given source file).
   Maybe it would make sense to take this stripped parser and add code to
   it to generate the info that S-N wants.  I have no idea how hard this
   would be.

Actually, isn't that what Alex did?  Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

   Something else to consider would be having a mode to scan and display
   Java .class files.  You could disassemble them, nicely format them,
   etc.  We have a program to do this already (jcf-dump) but a GUI would
   be cool.


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