trivial patch to try to make Emacs sn-find-tag work again

Bruce Stephens
Sat Aug 26 10:04:00 GMT 2000

I'm guessing people don't use the Emacs mode a lot, and that things
have just become out of sync.  I think this fixes it, but what do I

It may also be worth mentioning somewhere that when running gnudoit
initially, SN has sets TMPDIR set.  This means that (with XEmacs,
anyway), gnudoit can't use the unix domain connection that's used by
default.  The easiest way to work around this is, I think, to use
internet domain sockets: create an xauth entry for localhost:999, and
set the GNU_HOST environment variable to localhost.  (And do this
before starting XEmacs.)

*** snavigator/gui/browpaf.tcl.old	Tue Mar 14 00:46:15 2000
--- snavigator/gui/browpaf.tcl	Sat Aug 26 17:47:45 2000
*************** proc sn_display_object {scope {name ""} 
*** 135,146 ****
! 	set scope [lindex $pars 0]
! 	set name [lindex $pars 1]
! 	set off [lindex $pars 2]
! 	set pos [lindex $pars 3]
! 	eval sn_edit_file [list "$off $name $scope"] $pos
  	#sn_add_history $scope [list $scope $name $off] [sn_make_history_title edit $scope $name]
--- 135,147 ----
! 	set fileinfo [lindex [lindex $pars 3] 1]
! 	set symbol [lindex $fileinfo 0]
! 	set pos [lindex $fileinfo 1]
! 	set file [lindex $fileinfo 2]
! 	set line [string trimleft [lindex [split $pos .] 0] "0"]
! 	sn_edit_file $symbol $file $line
  	#sn_add_history $scope [list $scope $name $off] [sn_make_history_title edit $scope $name]

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