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Manfred Schlitt
Thu Aug 24 11:06:00 GMT 2000

Hello Tee,

our company CAS - located in Germany - offers commercial support for Source 
Navigator (formerly "Pathfinder") since 1995.
Please let me know what specific wishes you have. (We are discussing some 
new support contract models at the moment.)
Has anybody additional suggestions. Does anybody know other companies who 
offers commercial support (sorry, we don't know anybody else worldwide at 
this moment...)? What about REDHAT?

Best regards
Manfred Schlitt

Friedensstraße 20		Phone:	+49 (0) 61 04 - 98 08 - 0
D-63179 Obertshausen	Fax:	+49 (0) 61 04 - 98 08 - 30

PS.:  We know Source-Navigator for several years, we worked together with 
MultiX (the original developer of this product) and after the merge with 
CYGNUS Solutions we signed as well an still existing Reseller Agreement. We 
built a lot of add-ons, for example our CAS-Tools (Shell command, dead 
sourcecode, Lines of Code, HTML documentation of a file, HTML documentation 
of a project, ASCII-XRef, Diff-Tool) our Year2000-Tools or additional 
parser (ADA parser, better COBOL parser, ...). We still offer our products 
to commercial customer. We are also interested to buy and sell good 
additional products with stand-alone functinalities, parsers etc. to help 
our customers to finish projects earlier and to . In my opinion it was a 
good decision of Redhat to place Source-Navigator under GPL so that much 
more people will perhaps use this great product. But in my opinion there 
are less companies who offer commercial support, develop customer oriented 
additional functionality, offer courses and workshops in Source-Navigator 
or learning Tcl ...

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    How can I go about getting commercial support for Source Navigator ?


Tee Teoh
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