Source nav. does not work with Fortran files

Ian Roxborough
Wed Aug 23 18:08:00 GMT 2000


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The "Add files" button in the "Edit Target" dialog will
filter out any files with an extension it doesn't know
how to hand.  To build a fortran project with Source-Navigator
you will have to add a Fortran build rule (I'm assuming
the you have a valid working Fortran compiler, etc).

Two ways to add a rule for fortran, one is using
sn_add_simple_ide_rulein .../etc/sn_prop.cfg

sn_add_simple_ide_rule Fortran \
        -suffix-list {.o.f90} \
        -action "$<" \
        -tool fortran \
        -description "Compile a Fortran file." \
        -file-type Fortran

replace "-tool fortran" with whatever fortran compiler
you are using.  The other way is to edit toolchain.tcl
and hardcode a new fortran rule (YUCK! I promise we won't
hardcode toolchains and rules sooooo badly for the next


> Rago Gabriele wrote:
> I have tried to compile a fortran source file,but in the
> "Edit Target" window,when I press the button "Add files" it simply
> doesn't work!!!
> Please help me!

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