Class of array in Java is not understood by SN 4.51?

Tom Tromey
Wed Aug 23 13:05:00 GMT 2000

Syd> We have use GNU gcj in the past to parse java. We could revive
Syd> that. It is some work, but I think it would be worth it.

The patches to do this were never put into the public gcj.  However,
we're aware that we could do this, and if we can find the time we
will.  Unfortunately I don't think there's really a way we could have
a volunteer do it.

I wonder if it is the best way to implement the feature though.  gcj
needs libgcj, and libgcj doesn't have full support for all Java
classes.  I think this means that the gcj parser will likely barf on
programs that use, eg, AWT.  (I'm talking through my hat a bit here
since I've never used gcj to parse Java code for S-N.)

gcj also comes with a stripped down parser that we use in other
situations (eg to list the classes defined in a given source file).
Maybe it would make sense to take this stripped parser and add code to
it to generate the info that S-N wants.  I have no idea how hard this
would be.

Something else to consider would be having a mode to scan and display
Java .class files.  You could disassemble them, nicely format them,
etc.  We have a program to do this already (jcf-dump) but a GUI would
be cool.


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