Capturing Build Output on Win32

Syd Polk
Wed Aug 23 11:47:00 GMT 2000

At 07:04 AM 8/23/00 -0700, Stan Mitchell wrote:
> >
> > I really do not know how to fix your problem. The entire system of console
> > windows on Windows is severe voodoo. The only thing I can really suggest
> > to change the invocation of premake.exe to "command premake.exe -?"; i.e.,
> > launch your utility in a console window.
> >
>Yes, dealing with Win32 console windows is sometimes daunting.
>I've had some luck at coming up with a solution for Win2k/WinNT.
>Instead of directly spawning a build tool, I launch an intermediate
>process, which I've tentatively named sncapture.exe. Using the example
>I gave earlier, the Build dialog would have this command line:
>      ../snav/bin/sncapture.exe c:/bin/premake.exe -?
>sncapture spawns premake.exe using the inherited handles for
>and it explicitly hides the new console window. It then does a
>WaitForMultipleObjects on the process handle for premake.exe.
>Using this approach all stderr and stdout goes into the browser window.
>This is a general solution, it works equally well with other front-end
>As it stands, this is a ~300 line applet, that can be used independently.
>It would be more useful if it was integrated with SN, for example, it
>could respond to the "Stop" button on the build dialog or it might be
>prepended to build command lines if a check-box is checked.
>Do you think this is something that might be useful as part of the
>SN distribution? If so, I'm willing to do some more work on it.

By all means, we would love to have something like this.


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