Initial Questions from Win32 User

Stan Mitchell
Sun Aug 20 22:51:00 GMT 2000

Hi Ian

Yes, I found the --debug option was greeted with an error message box
on Win32. The SN_DEBUG environment variable works ok though, and the 
log files are generated as %TMP%/zznavigNN.log.

I've written a small extension DLL that adds "dbgwin print" and
"dbgwin break" Tcl commands. These send output strings to, or 
cause a break into a Win32 debugger. A bit primitive, bit it will


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> Ian Roxborough wrote:
> > A quick note for Windows users:  You can turn debugging
> > on in Windows by set the enviroment variable SN_DEBUG to
> > the debug level you want to use.  I.E.:
> > 
> > "set SN_DEBUG = 9" is the same as "./snavigator --debug 9"
> > 
> > (As far as I remember, flags are pretty much ignored in the
> > Windows version.)
> Another note: All the debug info is stored in a file in a
> directory determined by the contents of the TMP (or TEMP)
> environment variable (no console output).
> Ian.

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