Antwort: Initial Questions from Win32 User
Sun Aug 20 22:44:00 GMT 2000

On 19.08.2000 03:44:44 Stan Mitchell wrote:
> Lastly, there is one serious problem (to me at least) with
> the redirection of output from compiler tools. Our build
> process uses some "front-ends" to make. The output from
> the front-end tool is displayed in the output browser
> but the output from make and the compilers appears in a
> separate Win32 console. As soon as the build completes,
> the console is removed, and so is the output, since it is
> not redirected to the browser. This makes it impossible

I had the same problem integrating a microcontrollers C compiler into SN.
I've solved it with a stub program, which uses CreateProcess() from the
Win32 API to create a child process without any output window.  The process
in fact is a shell which invokes the actual compiler/linker with output
redirection to a file in the temp directory.  After execution of the shell
the output file is parsed for warnings/errors and send to stdout so that SN
can display it in the build window.

The stub has been written in perl.  If you're interrested send me an email.


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