Initial Questions from Win32 User

Stan Mitchell
Fri Aug 18 18:33:00 GMT 2000

Hello All

Thank you for making SN available as open source. 
I've been using it since version 4.2. Now that I can 
customize it more to my needs, it may get a lot more 
"air time" on my development machine.

So far, I've been able to build the distribution using 
cygwin and VC++6. Next, I'm looking at starting some 
customizations and I have some related questions.

It would seem that ../snav/share/gui/*.tcl are the core
application source files. Are these executed as script
files or are they byte-compiled during the build & install?

Is there some facility for debug tracing, such as an output 
widget or console to which debug print statements can be 

Lastly, there is one serious problem (to me at least) with 
the redirection of output from compiler tools. Our build
process uses some "front-ends" to make. The output from
the front-end tool is displayed in the output browser
but the output from make and the compilers appears in a
separate Win32 console. As soon as the build completes,
the console is removed, and so is the output, since it is
not redirected to the browser. This makes it impossible
to navigate to source lines where compile errors have
occurred. Is this something that can be fixed in multimake.tcl
or is it a problem with tcl's 'exec' command?

Stan Mitchell
SourceQuest, Inc.

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