Win32 & Cygnus-GCC: how to compile abrowser from source distribution?
Thu Aug 10 04:17:00 GMT 2000


I'm trying to create my own abrowser.  Problem is to compile (more
precisely: link) the abrowser example from the source distribution.
Looking at the Makefile one will recognize the following:

LIBS=-L${SDK}/lib -lm -ldl -lfl -lsnptools -ldbutils -lpafdb -ltcl8.1

There are no such libtcl8.1(I suspect this is a typo and should read as
tcl81), also there is no libdl.a.  Also the OUT should be modified, so one
will get an abrowser.exe.

Modifying the LIBS-line still results in the following messages:

hardy://c/Programme/Cygnus/SN451/share/sdk/parsers/examples/assembly> make
gcc -o abrowser.exe abrowser.o -L../../../../sdk/lib -lm -lfl -lsnptools
-ldbutils -lpafdb -ltcl81 -lutils
../../../../sdk/lib/libsnptools.a(snptools.obj.b): In function `sn_getopt':
w:\work\cygnus\sn-:35: undefined reference to `_assert'
../../../../sdk/lib/libsnptools.a(snptools.obj.b): In function
w:\work\cygnus\sn-:106: undefined reference to `_assert'
../../../../sdk/lib/libsnptools.a(snptools.obj.b): In function `sn_error':
w:\work\cygnus\sn-:4: undefined reference to `_iob'
w:\work\cygnus\sn-:7: undefined reference to `_iob'

BTW there is no w:\work on my system...

Thanks for any help.


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