First questions...

Mark Brown
Tue Aug 8 14:50:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 10:59:51AM -0700, Syd Polk wrote:

> In general, after 12 years of Windows programming, I really want all of my 
> .exe and .dll files in the same directory. It just makes things so much easier.

Would it be possible to do things differently on Windows?  Looking at
the source I'm guessing not, but it looks like the main problems are
the differences in SOP between Windows and Unix.  It's normal and
expected for Windows pacakges to do a lot of what you're doing, but on
Unix it's not generally considered acceptable to do things in the same

Incidentally, there seems to be a dependancy problem with building the
Fortran parser - a parallel build failed for me earlier on today because
something tried to build using the output of yacc before yacc had been
run.  Unfortuntately, I lost the log and automake is a little too opaque
for me right now.

Mark Brown   (Trying to avoid grumpiness)

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