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Syd Polk
Mon Aug 7 11:02:00 GMT 2000

>2. Why on earth is tcl/tk 8.1 _included_ in the sourceball??!!??
>/sup/build/SN451 > du -s t*8.1
>13846   tcl8.1
>10195   tk8.1
>I won't do a 'make install' until I'm sure it won't try to overwrite my
>current 8.3.1 installation.  Can someone please explain why its included?

One thing that people can do to minimize the amount of files copied is to do:

make all-snavigator
make install-snavigator

This will only install the bare minimum of files necessary for Tcl, Tk, Tix 
and itcl to work.

Syd Polk
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