First questions...

Syd Polk
Mon Aug 7 09:08:00 GMT 2000

>    It also installs a TON of executables in the main bin dir.  Why not
>    have it install them in its own share/SN/bin dir and add the path when
>    the main executable is loaded?
> What you are suggesting doesn't conform to the GNU directory layout.  If
> there are a lot of executables in the bin/ directory, perhaps we need to
> look at moving them to libexec if they aren't programs that a user would
> invoke directly themselves.

The problem with that is that making a libexec directory makes it really hard to
launch from Windows. It makes it necessary to put some of the sourcenav
directories on the path. It is not really feasible.

The best solution is to configure with a prefixdir:

configure --prefix=/usr/local/sourcenav

and then do make; make install

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