Xref-ing non used symbols

Bruce Stephens bruce.stephens@messagingdirect.com
Mon Aug 7 04:12:00 GMT 2000

William Gacquer <wgacquer@ubisoft.fr> writes:

> My project is located in /home/wgacquer/Project
> A ".snprj" directory is in /home/wgacquer/Project
> A "Project.proj" file is in /home/wgacquer/Project
> thus I tried :
> export PATH=/usr/local/snavigator/bin:$PATH
> wish unused.tcl /home/wgacquer/Project Project
> wish unused.tcl /home/wgacquer/Project Project.proj
> wish unused.tcl /home/wgacquer/Project /home/wgacquer/Project/Project.proj
>  but definitely, it does not work.

That explains it.  You must use hyper, not wish.  (The script I just
sent may be convenient.)  With the script, I just did the following,
and it worked:

/usr/local/sn/share/sdk/api/tcl/database/examples/unused.tcl /snprj/zsh zsh

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