First questions...

Ben Elliston
Sun Aug 6 16:25:00 GMT 2000

   > What you are suggesting doesn't conform to the GNU directory layout.  If
   > there are a lot of executables in the bin/ directory, perhaps we need to
   > look at moving them to libexec if they aren't programs that a user would
   > invoke directly themselves.
   If you don't like it, just use --prefix.

It's not good style to leave non-user-visible programs lying around in the
bin directory.  That's what the libexec directory is for.

   We are still going to need to build Tcl/Tk, it is unlikely that a
   given system is going to have the right versions or Tcl, Tk, Itcl,
   BLT, Tix, or whatever. We need to supply them. It may be possible to
   allow the user to tell the system not to use its own version and use
   the system ones instead, but that will not be the default. Come on,
   folks can not even fix a missing chmod, there is no way everyone is
   going to be able to figure out problems related to building with the
   wrong version of Tcl/Tk.

I'm not suggesting that we try to run with the installed versions of these
packages.  I'm just suggesting that we don't _include_ the source to all of
them in the snavigator tarball.  If we require _exactly_ Tcl 8.3 or
whatever, then we can have `configure' test for this.


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