First questions...

Ben Elliston
Sun Aug 6 15:43:00 GMT 2000

Hi Nils,

   [this will not make it to the list; I'm ORBS blocked atm and our
   admins are working on it...)

I know the feeling.

   ... and why does it have it's own grep that it installs in the
   $prefix/bin directory??!?

S-N required a special version of grep that did things like a) took a list
of files to grep from an input file and b) indicated its progress as it
went.  As I understand it, that requirement has been lifted from the
development tree--Mo, can you explain how you got around these requirements
so you could use the any old grep?

   It definitely does install parts of tcl and TK, and almost all of the
   manpages.  I assume that if there are namespace collisions, the newer
   manpages that I had installed are overwritten.  Wonderful.

I hear you.

   It also installs a TON of executables in the main bin dir.  Why not
   have it install them in its own share/SN/bin dir and add the path when
   the main executable is loaded?

What you are suggesting doesn't conform to the GNU directory layout.  If
there are a lot of executables in the bin/ directory, perhaps we need to
look at moving them to libexec if they aren't programs that a user would
invoke directly themselves.

>From the directory listing you've given, I can see straight away that all of
the parsers (abrowser, cbrowser, fbrowser, etc) could be moved into libexec/
right now.  Thoughts, guys?

And as you suggest, removing the dependency on installing Tcl and Tk will
help a lot.


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