First questions...

Nils Lohner
Sat Aug 5 05:36:00 GMT 2000

  I've just downloaded sourcenav and am in the process of compiling it under 
solaris.  I already have a few comments and questions.

1.  Why isn't it available from CVS?  at 14M for the source its a pain to 
keep up, especially over slow (<=ISDN) links.  cvs would help this project 
develop more quickly IMO.

2. Why on earth is tcl/tk 8.1 _included_ in the sourceball??!!??
/sup/build/SN451 > du -s t*8.1
13846   tcl8.1
10195   tk8.1

I won't do a 'make install' until I'm sure it won't try to overwrite my 
current 8.3.1 installation.  Can someone please explain why its included?

3. an online TODO list would be useful.

Well, it's still building... I'll try it with tcl/tk 8.3.1 as soon as its 
done.  What else is being done on this project at the moment?

Regards, Nils.

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