SourceNavigator 4.5.1 : Parsing a given header file hangs cbrowser

Gilles J. Seguin
Fri Aug 4 00:31:00 GMT 2000

Ben Elliston wrote:
>    I am very tempted to allow, get information from *.o file if they are
>    available, and even more if the object file was compile with the debug
>    information turn on. Ask where library/executable genereted by this
>    project are if any.
> I had actually thought about writing an object file parser using the BFD
> library.  This could be used to discover the relationships between symbols
> in object files.  It could be useful to someone trying to improve the
> performance of their application by tweaking the linking order of object
> files.

My first thought was to used it as a tool to validate the parser.

Other things that I am looking for, is the area of sequence
diagrams and state diagrams. Can we discover callback sequences
and declarations.

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