CVS access

Florent Pillet
Wed Aug 2 00:51:00 GMT 2000

William Gacquer wrote:
> >From the recent discussions I had recently, I am now convinced that I would
> like to contribute to the development of sn.
> I know that the CVS server is not up and running currently but I will wait
> for it every day :-)
> What are the plans/Milestones/scheduled features for the next releases so I
> do not try to hack the sources by myself now in this ways?
>         William

I second this. I keep reading things about development version 5.0 and am salivating on my
keyboard :-) Plus, I have a few ideas for enhancements of the class browser (namely, I
want to get it at the same level than Object Master on Mac/Windows: have three panes, one
for "classes", one for "methods" and one for "members"). But I have to get better at TCL
coding first :=)


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