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William Gacquer wgacquer@ubisoft.fr
Wed Aug 2 00:20:00 GMT 2000

if there is any problem with grep, why don't you put it somewhere not in a
regular PATH and invoke sn via a shell script that overload the PATH
environment variable?

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Syd Polk wrote: 
> One of the reasons we never bothered with a shared build is that we 
> currently rely on our own version of Tcl/Tk. It should not conflict with a

> pre-installed version.
> %prefix%/html is the standard that Cygnus has had for years, and is not 
> likely to change any time soon.
> The biggest thing that needs to be fixed before we start distributing our 
> own RPMs is grep. You might have noticed we have our own grep, and it will

> end up on your path. We have removed it in our development version, but 
> that version is not ready for prime time yet.
> Also, please don't include %prefix%/bin/wish; it is only used for the SN 
> graphical installer. You don't want two wishes on the path.

Thanks for the corrections. Here's second try, in case if there is anyone

Best regards,

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