Infrastructure work

Ian Roxborough
Tue Aug 1 17:24:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Ben Elliston wrote:
>    This would be cool, but then we are dependent on the user having a
>    "clean" Tcl version (Some Tcl/Tk apps require core patching before
>    they run).  (Of course I'm assume you mean that we should load into
>    the users local Tcl/Tk and not a version from us.)
> Couldn't snavigator's configure script test the installed Tcl/Tk to
> determine if it was usable?  That's precisely what Autoconf is for!

We could, but how many tests? and what needs tested to make
sure we're not running on a SN safe tcl/tk.  Is it really important?
I know it's going to be hard tracking down reported bugs only to
find out the user is running on a none standard tcl/tk.

> Yeah.  It'd also be nice to make Berkeley DB a loadable library, too.  
> Perhaps they already allow it to be built shared?

I'd like to see a more generic DB interface first so we can swap
out our DB back ends.  I've not look at this yet, but may be they
both go hand in hand.

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