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Artem Khodush kaa@comail.ru
Tue Aug 1 16:51:00 GMT 2000

Syd Polk wrote: 
> One of the reasons we never bothered with a shared build is that we 
> currently rely on our own version of Tcl/Tk. It should not conflict with a 
> pre-installed version.
> %prefix%/html is the standard that Cygnus has had for years, and is not 
> likely to change any time soon.
> The biggest thing that needs to be fixed before we start distributing our 
> own RPMs is grep. You might have noticed we have our own grep, and it will 
> end up on your path. We have removed it in our development version, but 
> that version is not ready for prime time yet.
> Also, please don't include %prefix%/bin/wish; it is only used for the SN 
> graphical installer. You don't want two wishes on the path.

Thanks for the corrections. Here's second try, in case if there is anyone

Best regards,
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Summary: Source Navigator
Name: source-navigator
Version: 4.5.1
Release: 1
Group: Local/Development Tools
URL: http://sources.redhat.com
Copyright: GPL
Packager: Artem Khodush <kaa@comail.ru>
Source: SN451.tar.bz2
%define install_dir /usr/local
%define source_dir %{_builddir}/SN451
%define build_dir %{_topdir}/zOBJDIR/SN451
Buildroot: %{_topdir}/zINSTALL/SN451
Prefix: %{install_dir}

Source-Navigator is a unique source code analysis tool that is ideal for
any situation where developers are working with an unfamiliar or complex
code base -- new engineers on projects, reengineering or code inheritance
situations, or large-scale, team driven projects.

Source-Navigator parses multi language code and builds a powerful database
of project symbol information.  Then, with S-N's intuitive GUI, developers
can navigate and browse symbol tables, class structure, cross reference
realationship, inculde structures, and more.  S-N also provides efficient
text search tools for strings in the project files as well as symbols in
the database.

With the APIs, S-N integrates into existing environments including
configuration management systems, as a framework for launching other tools
or IDEs, and allows direct access to the GUI and database for customized

%setup -n SN451 -c -T
cd ..
tar x --use-compress-program=bzip2 -f %{_sourcedir}/SN451.tar.bz2
rm -rf %{build_dir}
mkdir -p %{build_dir}
cd %{build_dir}
%{source_dir}/configure --prefix=%{install_dir}

cd %{build_dir}
make all-snavigator 1>log 2>err

rm -rf %{buildroot}/%{install_dir}
cd %{build_dir}
make prefix=%{buildroot}/%{install_dir} install-snavigator

cd %{buildroot}/%{install_dir}/bin
strip -s abrowser cbrowser dbcp dbdump dbimp fbrowser grep hyper jbrowser obrowser tbrowser



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