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Syd Polk spolk@redhat.com
Tue Aug 1 14:38:00 GMT 2000

At 01:40 AM 8/2/00 +0400, Artem Khodush wrote:
> > Now it's up to the sn team to integrate it directly into their CVS
> > repository.
>... if they find appropriate for themselves to maintain binary distribution.
> > But I believe that this RPM distribution will fail cos' it's missing
> > the recent patches, won't it?
>When I wrote the spec file, there was no patches around, but it worked.
>Anyway, before RPM distrubution becomes generally usable, some issues
>should be sorted out, e.g. users expect the documentation for the package
>FOO to appear in %{prefix}/doc/FOO, but sourcenav runtime help expects
>it to be in %{prefix}/html. Also there might be a conflict between  tcl/tk
>libraries wich are installed along with sourcenav and those already present
>on user's system.

One of the reasons we never bothered with a shared build is that we 
currently rely on our own version of Tcl/Tk. It should not conflict with a 
pre-installed version.

%prefix%/html is the standard that Cygnus has had for years, and is not 
likely to change any time soon.

The biggest thing that needs to be fixed before we start distributing our 
own RPMs is grep. You might have noticed we have our own grep, and it will 
end up on your path. We have removed it in our development version, but 
that version is not ready for prime time yet.

Also, please don't include %prefix%/bin/wish; it is only used for the SN 
graphical installer. You don't want two wishes on the path.

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