How to apply patches?

Thomas Heller
Tue Aug 1 05:57:00 GMT 2000

> Bruce Stephens <> writes:
> [...]
> > Presumably somewhere there's a patch where you can tell it to use
> > Index, ignoring other pathnames.  Indeed, that would seem to me to
> > be sane behaviour---if there's an Index line present, then surely
> > whoever generated the patch knew what they were doing.
> Here's a quick hack to patch-2.5.4.  It changes the behaviour of
> patch, so you probably don't want to install it widely.  If an Index:
> line is found, then it gets used, regardless.  (Probably it would be
> better to change the ordering, putting Index: before the old and new
> paths, but that's not necessary for these patches.)
> [...]

Thanks, I wrote a small python script to fix the patches,
that was easier.


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