parsing of java interfaces

Florent Pillet
Fri Jul 28 06:25:00 GMT 2000

Why don't you simply derive the Java parser from the existing C++ parser
These two languages are quite close and you'd have a good base to start
with. Plus, you don't need to have "compiler-quality" parsing since the
thing the parser needs to do is to provide accurate symbols.

I still think that using the C++ parser is the less expansive solution
terms of coding time.

"Gilles J. Seguin" wrote:
> Syd Polk wrote:
> >
> > Cygnus was unwilling to pay for this tool. It is not open source.
> >
> > There are two alternatives:
> >
> > - We can use gcj. gcj has already been modified to generate SN information
> > once for the Code Fusion effort. While this has not been maintained, it is
> > free, and the infrastructure is their for it.
> This is an interesting comment.  The name "Source"-Navigator was
> nearly saying what we try to do.
> Have we some kind of interest in using other methods, like
> using the information provided by the compiler stabs information.
> Basically using the information provided to or used by the
> debugger(gdb).
> > - We can write a new parser from scratch using flex and bison.
> What is the position or the openness for a tool like antlr
> < > for the java parser,  The C parser
> can used the PCCTS version.

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