parsing of java interfaces

Gilles J. Seguin
Fri Jul 28 06:20:00 GMT 2000

Syd Polk wrote:
> Cygnus was unwilling to pay for this tool. It is not open source.
> There are two alternatives:
> - We can use gcj. gcj has already been modified to generate SN information
> once for the Code Fusion effort. While this has not been maintained, it is
> free, and the infrastructure is their for it.

This is an interesting comment.  The name "Source"-Navigator was
nearly saying what we try to do.

Have we some kind of interest in using other methods, like
using the information provided by the compiler stabs information.
Basically using the information provided to or used by the

> - We can write a new parser from scratch using flex and bison.

What is the position or the openness for a tool like antlr
< > for the java parser,  The C parser
can used the PCCTS version.

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