parsing of java interfaces

Syd Polk
Thu Jul 27 15:43:00 GMT 2000

>having looked at the java parser i only can see that the .c and .h
>files where generated with tools from a commercial company in germany:
>(script files *.ast *.puma etc)
>There are also old versions of the compiler generator tools available
>1992 (although i do not know if they work with the config files).
>Do you have contact to this company and can the tools be used
>(on there site is only a demo version available for win*)
>without paying fees for GNU projects or would be a better solution to
>the java parser with GNU tools like flex and bison ?
>(i haven't done something like this before but it seems to be a lot of
>work :)

Cygnus was unwilling to pay for this tool. It is not open source.

There are two alternatives:

- We can use gcj. gcj has already been modified to generate SN information 
once for the Code Fusion effort. While this has not been maintained, it is 
free, and the infrastructure is their for it.

- We can write a new parser from scratch using flex and bison.

Syd Polk
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