parsing of java interfaces

Christian Nautze
Thu Jul 27 15:32:00 GMT 2000

Mo DeJong wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Christian Nautze wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > first i would like to say thanks to everbody who contributed to
> > SN. Really great work!
> We are hoping that the best contributions have yet to be made.
> Folks on the list are already talking about adding Python,
> Perl, and improved Tcl support. We are really excited about
> the possibilities that opens up for cross language tools.
> > Second i wanted to ask if it is a bug or feature :)
> > when using SN with java that the "implements" clause
> > isn't parsed like "extends". So under "Hierarchy"
> > i only see super and sub classes but no interfaces which
> > where implemented. I think "implements" should be treated
> > similarly as "extends" in java. Any comments?
> Sounds like a bug. Java's interface types are kind of like
> multiple inheritance in C++, so we should use that same
> sort of metaphor. Why don't you take a shot at fixing
> it? You will have to much around with the Java parser
> to see if that is where the problem is. Post a patch
> to the list when you get it working.

having looked at the java parser i only can see that the .c and .h
files where generated with tools from a commercial company in germany:
(script files *.ast *.puma etc)

There are also old versions of the compiler generator tools available
1992 (although i do not know if they work with the config files). 
Do you have contact to this company and can the tools be used 
(on there site is only a demo version available for win*)
without paying fees for GNU projects or would be a better solution to
the java parser with GNU tools like flex and bison ? 
(i haven't done something like this before but it seems to be a lot of
work :)

kind regards

Christian Nautze

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