parsing of java interfaces

Mo DeJong
Wed Jul 26 17:48:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Christian Nautze wrote:

> Hi,
> first i would like to say thanks to everbody who contributed to
> SN. Really great work! 

We are hoping that the best contributions have yet to be made.
Folks on the list are already talking about adding Python,
Perl, and improved Tcl support. We are really excited about
the possibilities that opens up for cross language tools.

> Second i wanted to ask if it is a bug or feature :)
> when using SN with java that the "implements" clause
> isn't parsed like "extends". So under "Hierarchy"
> i only see super and sub classes but no interfaces which
> where implemented. I think "implements" should be treated
> similarly as "extends" in java. Any comments?

Sounds like a bug. Java's interface types are kind of like
multiple inheritance in C++, so we should use that same
sort of metaphor. Why don't you take a shot at fixing
it? You will have to much around with the Java parser
to see if that is where the problem is. Post a patch
to the list when you get it working.

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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