Error following tutorial

Ian Roxborough
Wed Jul 26 11:07:00 GMT 2000

> Trying to follow the monop tutorial.  Looking for a bit of
> help with regard  to build errors.
> Build errors output are:
>           gcc -o monop.exe   cards.o execute.o getinp.o houses.o jail.o misc.o monop.o
>           morg.o print.o prop.o rent.o roll.o spec.o trade.o 
>           cards.o(.text+0xf5):cards.c: undefined reference to `errx'

What system are you building on (CPU/OS/version/etc/etc/etc)?
I am guessing MS-Windows of some sort?

> Noticed that the file initdeck.c is left out of those listed as build
> targets.... Is this correct?


> The file err.h referenced in it is not to be found in the
> downloaded package,,, is it expected to be a system header file?

Yes. (But I don't think it comes on windows or it's called something

> Is there a missing file(s) in the package, or, can
> anyone venture a guess as to what I have incorrectly done.

This demo wasn't really intended for Windows (or the instruction
wheren't).  You can create dummy errx, sbrk, brk, getgid, setregid,
etc.  And/Or change the included err.h to something else (error.h?).

But basically the problem is with the monop code base, not SN.

Hope this helps.


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