Patch: support for C++ 'bool', colorization for more C++ keywords

Florent Pillet
Wed Jul 26 10:34:00 GMT 2000


First, let me say that Source Navigator is an outstanding tool. I've
been using Object Master on the Mac for years but never found a product
on Unix that matched the gain in productivity OM provided.
When I found Source Navigator on Freshmeat and tried it, I knew I had
finally found the tool I'd been looking for on Linux.

Now to the patch: I have added colorization for 'bool',
'static_cast', 'const_cast' and 'reinterpret_cast' C++ keywords as well
as direct bool support in the C++ parser.

The patch and changelog entries (the ChangeLog entry is for the
SN451/snavigator/ChangeLog file) are attached to this mail.

Thanks for SN and keep up the great work!


Florent Pillet, Software Architect. e-mail:
opt[e]way S.A., 2881 route des cretes, BP 308
06906 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France
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