Asm files in SN - if so, what is the ASM demo for?
Wed Jul 26 01:59:00 GMT 2000

	Once more, excuse me for my stupidity, but adding the rule didn't solve 
the problem.
	In the "demos" directory there is an ASM demo. I added the corresponding 
rule to sn_prop.cfg and it works fine. The resulting make file now contains 
the rule for asm compilation, BUT DOESN'T CONTAIN ASM SOURCES IN 
xxx_OBJECTS macro (as minimum, but asm file may also contain "include" as c 
file, so...).
	This is because I can't add these asm files to the list of the target 
dependency, as I was able to understand.

	I can work on the change in the sources to include also *.S files, but I 
don't believe that embedded development kit doesn't contain asm files 
processing and didn't want to be out of the main source tree. If I am not 


Leon Pollak

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