bug report

Ben Elliston bje@redhat.com
Tue Jul 25 19:45:00 GMT 2000

      I'm using Source Navigator (SN) on my home machine on a CVS revison
   control project.  I have a PPP connection, thus I must type my
   password for all CVS transactions.  When I have a file in the SN
   editor and I do Tools -> Revison Control -> Compare Revisons, SN just
   hangs.  Perhaps, it doesn't know how to repsond to the password
   prompt.  Or perhaps it is not respecting my CVS_RSH = ssh environment
   variable setting.

Source-Navigator doesn't expect the revision control tool to want any input.  
It just runs the command and groks the output.

If you're using ssh, why not use ssh-agent/ssh-add to prevent having to type
your password on every CVS transaction?  S-N will start working, too.


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