Win32 version BUG (and workaround)

Syd Polk
Tue Jul 25 10:06:00 GMT 2000

At 02:44 PM 7/25/00 +0200, Sergey R. Grigoriev wrote:
>Installed it under W98 and cannt build/compile anything...
>I found, that PATH-variable setted by "sourcenav.exe" is terminated by
>':'(UNIX-Like) and not ';'(DOS-Like) what destroys next path...

How did you determine this? What is "sourcenav.exe"? We don't generate a 
file name "sourcenav.exe" when we compile. Did the installer create this?

>by this way I created "sn.bat" to start sourcenav.exe:
>(guarded with ';' on begin; CYGWIN is installed in C:\HOME)
>   Serge

You should be able to run "snavigator.exe" without modification of your 
path and without setting environment variables.

Syd Polk
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