Asm files in SN: the same problem in NT installation

Syd Polk
Tue Jul 25 10:02:00 GMT 2000

At 03:15 PM 7/25/00 +0200, wrote:
>Hello, again.
>         I think that I missed something basic and similar, because the 
> same result (no asm files in target list) I received also in my test 
> WinNT installation.
>         Can somebody give me any hint how to solve this?
>>My case is PowerPC  CPU.
>>I want to build my target, which depends on several asm and C files.
>>  My attempt to add an asm file to the target in the Tools->Build 
>> Settings->Source Files->Add files does nothing, totally ignoring my asm files.
>Many thanks ahead.

We only got the build rules working with c, c++ and java. We did not get to 
adding assembly. We also did not get around to adding custom rules via the gui.

The custom rules are added however, in the source. You should be able to 
find where the C and C++ rules are added and add your own.

Syd Polk
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Red Hat, Inc.

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