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Syd Polk
Mon Jul 24 12:46:00 GMT 2000

At 08:56 AM 7/24/00 +1000, Ben Elliston wrote:
>Hi Michael,
>    discovered that SN is released and downloaded it. I am not sure it is
>    ready for prime time yet though... I had to hack a TCL source file to
>    get it to compile and the snavigator directory have exciting things
>    like the AUTHORS file contains the text "AUTHORS". The same for the
>    README file as well. I haven't checked any others...
>The AUTHOR and README files were generated by Automake with their current
>contents.  I know it's not very helpful; the best place to reach people
>about S-N problems is on this mailing list (sourcenav@).
>If you like, send in a brief log showing the compilation error.  We've never
>built S-N on SPARC Linux before.

The README inside snavigator is the current one. The toplevel files are 
common to all Cygnus-based projects.

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