Syd Polk spolk@redhat.com
Mon Jul 24 09:26:00 GMT 2000

Ben Elliston wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm on the sourcenav list.  It's good to see it finally out there!
> I haven't had a chance to download it yet, but I wonder -- what dependencies
> still exist for S-N?  Does it still require Tix?  Any Tcl/Tk local changes?
> It would be nice if it could run on the standard Tcl and Tk shared
> libraries.

Still has the same basic dependencies and still has tcl/tk local changes. One of
my goals is to be able to run with either the cygnus local tcl stuff or the tcl

> On another front, now that this is all GPL'd, I'm interested in putting some
> time into getting a parser test harness in place.  Interested?

> Cheers!
> Ben

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