Building Source navigator on Windows

Mike D
Sun Jul 23 23:23:00 GMT 2000

> > To build Source Navigatot under Windows currently requires both Cygwin
> > the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.
> Right now we have only tried it with Visual C++ 5.0. 6.0 has its own
> issues and problems. Rather than fix them, we are working on building
> with cygwin in our current development. Probably won't be real for a few
> months.

I will have to fix them then,  I only have VC++ 6.0,  not 5.0.  Do you have
a list of known or anticipated problems ?  The only thing that is
immediately obvious is that the initial project file add stage only seems to
indicate progress when the mouse pointer is held over the progress box.

> > 6 (strange but true) set some environment variables that make the build
> > the VC++ compiler instead of the cygwin one :  <export CC=cl>  <export
> > CFLAGS="-Z7 -Od">
> Actually, I will post the real CFLAGS that I use when I get back to
> work.

OK, thanks.

> >
> > 10 build Source Navigator  <make>
> Use "make all-snavigator".

I tried this,  but the executables seem to be the same as I got when I did
make by itself.  On the other hand <make install-snavigator>  didn't
recurse,  so that's one advantage :-)

>>it would be nice to know that
> > any bugs are due to my changes,  not my build methodology
> Without build logs, it is hard to tell.

Could you post me a build log from your system ?   I want to try to use
Source Navigator as a replacement for a build system we use at work (based
on an old version of Polymake).  I am going to have to make some mods to
alow SN to read our current file build instruction and it would be really
useful to know that the base build was the same.



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