Building Source navigator on Windows

Syd Polk
Fri Jul 21 14:32:00 GMT 2000

Mike D wrote:
> To build Source Navigatot under Windows currently requires both Cygwin and
> the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

Right now we have only tried it with Visual C++ 5.0. 6.0 has its own
issues and problems. Rather than fix them, we are working on building
with cygwin in our current development. Probably won't be real for a few
> I got it to build by first installing the latest Cygwin (from
> ) then editing the batch file that
> starts cygwin (cygwin.bat in the root of the cygwin install directory) so
> that it includes the path and other variables for the VC++ compiler (I got
> these from the VCVARS32.BAT file in the VC++ bin directory).
> Then start cygwin and from the bash prompt do the following (dont actually
> type the pointy brackets <>,  I'm just using them to delimit "unix" commands
> in cygwin) :
> 1. make some directories :  <mkdir /build  /build/src /build/build>
> 2 change to the /build/src directory <cd /build/src>
> 3 Copy the SN451.tar.gz file which holds the sourcenav sources into
> /build/src using file manager,  or that horrible explorer thing.
> 4 untar the Source distribution :  <tar -xzvf SN451.tar.gz>
> 5 change to the /build/build directory : <cd /build/build>
> 6 (strange but true) set some environment variables that make the build use
> the VC++ compiler instead of the cygwin one :  <export CC=cl>  <export
> CFLAGS="-Z7 -Od">

Actually, I will post the real CFLAGS that I use when I get back to
> 7 test the VC++ compiler is visible <cl /?>  should show a list of VC++
> command line options
> 8 make a directory to hold the results of the build and add it to the path :
> <mkdir /home home/mike home/mike/install home/mike/install/snav>  <export
> PATH=$PATH:/home/mike/install/snav>
> (you don't have to use the same path,  obviously)

<buildirectory>/tcl8.1/win has to be in your path or some things will
> 9 configure the build :  <../src/configure --prefix=/home/mike/install/snav>
> and inspect the output which should have a line near the beginning that says
> that Visual C++ is being used.
> 10 build Source Navigator  <make>

Use "make all-snavigator".

> 11 install it <make install>

Use "make install-snavigator"
> it should now be installed into /home/mike/install/snav,  have a look and
> see.
> In fairness I should say that the make install step did not terminate for
> me - it went into an infinite recursion and I had to stop it by killing the
> processes.

Hmm. I don't see that happen very often.
> Also I submitted my zipped up build for possible hosting on the Source
> Navigator web site.  The version that was put up differs a bit from what I
> built - in particular a lot of the executable and library sizes are
> different,  and the one that was put up seems more robust than mine.

I finally put up a build that I did on my machine. I also added the
InstallShield installer.
> So if anyone (Syd :-) is listening and wants to add anything to this,  or
> say where there are any later patches available then please do.  I also want
> to start adding some stuff (not parsers),  and it would be nice to know that
> any bugs are due to my changes,  not my build methodology

Without build logs, it is hard to tell.
> (The Windows binaries on the web site are ace btw)
> Regards,
> Mike

Thanks! Here is hoping they make it to the mirrors soon.
> > Could you provide some instructions for building
> > Source Navigator under Windows?
> >
> > Actually I only want to build some custom parsers...

There is a parser toolkit. It is designed for gcc, however, so it will
take some hacking to get to work. Look in <install>/share/sdk/examples.

> > Regards,
> >
> > Thomas Heller

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