Building Source navigator on Windows

Mike D
Fri Jul 21 14:13:00 GMT 2000

To build Source Navigatot under Windows currently requires both Cygwin and
the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler.

I got it to build by first installing the latest Cygwin (from ) then editing the batch file that
starts cygwin (cygwin.bat in the root of the cygwin install directory) so
that it includes the path and other variables for the VC++ compiler (I got
these from the VCVARS32.BAT file in the VC++ bin directory).

Then start cygwin and from the bash prompt do the following (dont actually
type the pointy brackets <>,  I'm just using them to delimit "unix" commands
in cygwin) :

1. make some directories :  <mkdir /build  /build/src /build/build>

2 change to the /build/src directory <cd /build/src>

3 Copy the SN451.tar.gz file which holds the sourcenav sources into
/build/src using file manager,  or that horrible explorer thing.

4 untar the Source distribution :  <tar -xzvf SN451.tar.gz>

5 change to the /build/build directory : <cd /build/build>

6 (strange but true) set some environment variables that make the build use
the VC++ compiler instead of the cygwin one :  <export CC=cl>  <export
CFLAGS="-Z7 -Od">

7 test the VC++ compiler is visible <cl /?>  should show a list of VC++
command line options

8 make a directory to hold the results of the build and add it to the path :
<mkdir /home home/mike home/mike/install home/mike/install/snav>  <export
(you don't have to use the same path,  obviously)

9 configure the build :  <../src/configure --prefix=/home/mike/install/snav>
and inspect the output which should have a line near the beginning that says
that Visual C++ is being used.

10 build Source Navigator  <make>

11 install it <make install>

it should now be installed into /home/mike/install/snav,  have a look and

In fairness I should say that the make install step did not terminate for
me - it went into an infinite recursion and I had to stop it by killing the

Also I submitted my zipped up build for possible hosting on the Source
Navigator web site.  The version that was put up differs a bit from what I
built - in particular a lot of the executable and library sizes are
different,  and the one that was put up seems more robust than mine.

So if anyone (Syd :-) is listening and wants to add anything to this,  or
say where there are any later patches available then please do.  I also want
to start adding some stuff (not parsers),  and it would be nice to know that
any bugs are due to my changes,  not my build methodology

(The Windows binaries on the web site are ace btw)



> Could you provide some instructions for building
> Source Navigator under Windows?
> Actually I only want to build some custom parsers...
> Regards,
> Thomas Heller

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