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Kristoffer Lawson
Fri Jul 21 11:14:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Mo DeJong wrote:

> use our own parser written for Tcl. To be honest, it would
> be better to toss out our Tcl parser and use the one from
> the Tcl core, and since the Tcl core is already part of
> SN, it is just waiting for someone to come along and
> use it :)

Yes these indeed sounds very sensible.
> Tcl is very dynamic, so in general you can not assume that any command
> does anything. You need to make some assumptions otherwise you will
> get nowhere fast. Set should at least know if it is a local var,
> a global var, or a class instance or class common (static) var, but,
> this is not always possible.

Yes, exactly. But I think the suggested model would be quite sufficient
and at least errenous behaviour would not occur (ie. instance variables
or data appearing as global variables). Ie:

- set commands inside curly bracketrs are not handled in any way, unless:

- if they appear inside the command parameter for while, for, foreach,
eval, namespace eval, proc etc. 

It does require more work (as you have to specify each of those
exceptions), but it also means that "set" syntax appearing in unrecognized
situations is not misunderstood.
> > - I seem to be having problems with emacs/Xemacs and the IDE (btw. I think
> > it's great that you have put in extra effort to get emacs to interact with
> > the IDE). When looking up for a symbol with M-. I get the following error:
> > 
> > (1) (error/warning) Error in process filter: (void-variable DisplayableOb)
> The emacs/xemacs stuff is in there for hackers, so if you have any
> problems you will need to fix them on your own. When you do, please
> send us the patches so the next guy will not need to.

OK, if I have time I'll look into that. Meanwhile is there anybody who
might have a clue about that? Using M-. to lookup a symbol is a documented
feature of "using emacs with Source Navigator" so it might be something

OTOH if the in-built editor could do emacs-style indentation I might
be quite tempted to use it (as it *does* integrate nicely with the IDE).
I realize that's a big requirement but possibly something to look at in
the future.

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