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Syd Polk
Thu Jul 20 13:19:00 GMT 2000

Red Hat Reinforces Commitment to Open Source, Releases Source Code for 
Popular                         Source-Navigator IDE

eading Integrated Development Environment for UNIX and Windows now 
available under open source license

SUNNYVALE, CA - July 20, 2000 - Red Hat, Inc. (NASDAQ:RHAT), the leader in 
open source internet
infrastructure, announced today the release of source code for 
Source-NavigatorTM, the leading Integrated Development Environment for UNIX 
and Windows. Source-Navigator, along with Insight, the graphical debugger 
based on gdb, and gcc, the Open Source compiler, forms a fully functional 
graphical integrated development environment that is used by developers to 
edit their source code and compile, link and debug their applications.

"Source-Navigator is a powerful tool for analyzing large amounts of source 
code, and it is useful in both developing new projects and deciphering 
legacy code," said Michael Tiemann, Red Hat Chief Technical Officer. "By 
releasing the source code to Source-Navigator under the terms of the GPL, 
Red Hat reinforces its commitment to the open source community of developers."

In addition to being a powerful tool used by developers to compile, edit 
and debug source code for their applications, Source-Navigator has many 
browsing capabilities that enable developers to do things like display 
class hierarchies and cross-reference relationships. For download 
information, information about contributing to Source-Navigator, and online 
documentation, please see . For more 
information on Red Hat, please see .

Syd Polk
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Red Hat, Inc.

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