Problem building Sourcenav under Cygwin (latest)

Mike D
Tue Jul 18 23:56:00 GMT 2000

>From: Ian Roxborough <>
> The key to getting the Windows version to build with Visual C++
> is CC = cl.  This is because they are a bunch of comparision
> in the configure file that will not work if CC = cl.exe.

>From : Syd Polk
> You need to set CFLAGS to "-Z7 -Od" also. What kind of errors are you
> >Actually,  I wouldn't mind following the othe advice in the
> >/snavigator/install/README.TXT file :
> >
> >"use the binary distributions"    ;-)
> >
> >The README.TXT file mentions a binary called SNWindows20000421.exe, is
> >available anywhere ?
> No, it isn't. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be done soon. Sorry!

Thanks a lot,  those changes made it work.

I have zipped up a copy of my executables,  would it make sense for them to
be hosted on the Sourcenav ftp site ?  (I would host them myself,  but the
GPL means I'd have to put up SN451.tag.gz as well,  and my service provider
only gives me 15 Mb :-/  )

Thanks again,


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