Source Navigator (SN451.tar.gz) . . .

Jim Kingdon
Sun Jul 16 11:55:00 GMT 2000

You'll need to take this up with the sourcenav mailing list
(sourcemaster is just the sysadmins).  I do know that the priority has
been to get it out quickly rather than try to clean up everything

  6.1 Make sure tarballs always unpack into a single new directory 

  The single most annoying mistake newbie developers make is to build tarballs
  that unpack the files and directories in the distribution into the current
  directory, potentially stepping on files already located there. Never do

  Instead, make sure your archive files all have a common directory part named
  after the project, so they will unpack into a single top-level directory
  directly beneath the current one. 

  P.S: Home page of Source-Navigator does not tell, how to report bugs.

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