The GNU Toolchain Infrastructure Project

Jonathan Corbet
Thu Sep 29 14:45:50 GMT 2022 (Carlos O'Donell) writes:

> During the Sourceware / Infrastructure BoF sessions at GNU Cauldron, the GNU
> Toolchain community in collaboration with the Linux Foundation and OpenSSF,
> announced the GNU Toolchain Infrastructure project (GTI).

Thanks for making more information available.

Just for the record, it is still my feeling that the LF's infrastructure
management has been a good thing for the kernel community.  Whether it
would be suitable for the toolchain community is not something I'm in a
position to have an opinion on.  If anybody is curious about how
interactions with that group work, there is a current discussion on
bugzilla that might be interesting:

Konstantin's response to the idea of moving everything to a Gitlab
instance is the sort of thing I find reassuring.

I do, though, have a few questions.

- Why not dispense with the governing board and have the TAC be the
  decision-making body?  That would help ensure ongoing community
  control over this infrastructure.  It would also be a clear statement
  from the sponsors that they trust the community and do not intend to
  force changes in how development is done.

- How were the members of the TAC chosen, and what will be the process
  for choosing members in the future?

- During the Cauldron discussion it was said that $400,000 in annual
  funding has been committed to GTI.  You must have a rough budget for
  how those funds will be spent that you can share?

- Keeping that money stream going will surely require ongoing
  fundraising efforts; who will be responsible for that?  What happens
  if, say, tech companies start getting nervous about dark economic
  clouds on the horizon and stop funding the project?



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